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"My name is Brian Long, and I like to eat. I would go so far as to say I love to eat. More specifically...I love to eat cookies. I've always loved cookies. They are easy to store, easy to carry, the ideal size to enjoy on the go or with a glass of milk in front of the television. Just try and throw a piece of cake or slice of pie in your pocket to enjoy later on...cookies are the perfect snack food.

Early on, I started experimenting in the kitchen and baking cookies for my family and myself. I wanted a cookie that was not only delicious, but not loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives. No fancy or exotic fact nothing I couldn't pronounce. I wanted to bake cookies that tasted good but weren't really bad for me. My family shared my cookies with friends and those friends shared with their friends. I suddenly found myself baking several nights a week in my kitchen. Brian's Kitchen

I hope you'll enjoy eating my cookies as much as I do. "


Brian Long





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Shortening - Why shortening, and not butter? Many of my customers have issues with dairy. While dairy is not bad for most people, it causes issues with many. Who needs more issues? The

Shortening that I use is made using organic palm oil. It has zero trans fats, and zero partially hydrogenated oils. Take a look at a can of CRISCO shortening, it uses MANY words to list all of its ingredients. My shortening has three: organic palm oil. SIMPLE IS BETTER


Sugar - Processed table sugar is just that, processed extensively. There are many types of less processed sugar available, but Organic Sugar is what I use. The crystals are coarser, and darker. They contain more of the natural molasses that is washed out of processed regular sugar, Organic Sugar is the least costly of the natural sugars, which helps keep the overall costs from getting too expensive.


Eggs - At this time, I am using regular eggs, from my local supermarkets, usually grade AA, the highest available. Organic, or cage free, or other eggs cost significantly more, and I am not convinced that they contribute to a better tasting final product. I used these to keep the overall product reasonably priced but may change it in the future.


“Eggs”- in vegan cookies  For vegan cookies, I replace eggs with a mixture of ground chia seeds and water. It works just as well and is also good for us.


 Lemon extract - For added flavor in my lemon cookies, I use pure extracts. Much more powerful flavor, without extra ingredients


Cinnamon - I use Saigon Cinnamon, stronger taste,  much more expensive, but worth it!


Chocolate Chips - I use dark chocolate (no milk or dairy) that are 70% cacao, so expect a very strong chocolate taste that is not too bitter. Also, it has zero soy.


Peanut Butter - I use crunchy peanut butter, made from peanuts ONLY, the type that needs to be refrigerated, and stirred. No sugar, salt, molasses, oils, just peanuts. Isn’t that the only way peanut butter should be made?


White Whole Wheat Flour - Has the same nutritional benefits of whole wheat flour, such as increased fiber and nutrients, but has the appearance and taste closer to what we are accustomed to with all-purpose bleached flour .This is not bleached, and does not add the “harsh” taste some people associate with regular whole wheat flour.


Almond Flour - Used in my gluten free Almond Cookies. Comparatively expensive, nothing brings out the taste of almonds in my almond cookies like 100% almond flour. I also use almond extract in these cookies.


Oat Flour  Whole Grain - gluten free, used in my gluten free Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Lemon cookies


MISSING from the gluten free cookies….Guar Gum, Xanthan gum, tapioca starch, etc. One type of flour per cookie, with no additives to make up from omitting gluten.


Condensed coconut milk - Used in the chocolate fudge, a little richer, a little better tasting, and for those who need or want it, it is dairy free/vegan!


Date Syrup - Used in the granola bars, instead of the originally called for honey…neutral taste, not as sweet, compliments the other ingredients perfectly

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